Monday, April 10, 2006

My Funny Zachary

Where does this kid come from? I asked Paul yesterday. Sometimes I have to wonder where in the world he got his sense of humor, which is so very different from mine or Paul's.

He and I were preparing a present for him to take to a birthday party yesterday. I was wrapping the present, and he was making a card. I suggested that he draw a picture on the front. Okay, what should I draw? he asked himself. I know, I'll draw a gift. He drew a gift and I told him it was very nice. Then he said, "and inside the gift there are Angry Monkeys."

I couldn't stop laughing. He even drew the Angry Monkeys coming out of the gift--you knew they were monkeys because their arms spiraled up and down like those toy monkeys in the Barrel o' Monkeys (like the ones in Toy Story, which I think has to be the only place he's seen them).

He and Paul were going out the door to go to the party, and Zac asked Paul about the pinata they were to have at the party: Is this the kind of pinata where they blindfold everyone and give them sticks? Just imagine that scene for a minute.

While Zac was at the party, Paul went to visit the mother of a parishioner who was dying in hospice care. He got there just in time to say prayers for her, and then she passed away. When he came home he was telling me all about it, and telling me how nice the hospice environment was and how after she passed the staff came in and toasted her. "Toasted her?" Zac said with such incredulity that the meaning was changed from lifting a glass in her memory to something you do with bread. ICK!

Someone at church yesterday was telling me about her adopted granddaughter, and how you can tell she was adopted because she has traits that can't be attributed to her adopted parents. I was thinking, I could say the same of my kids, but I know they came out of my own body, I was there!


Mimi said...


There's something funny about monkeys says my boys too.

Xenia Kathryn said...

That great! What a funny kid :D

Dawn said...

"angry monkeys" funny. there's just something about monkeys.