Friday, January 27, 2006


WHAT an awesome concert! The opening band was 3fivehumans. Now, I usually see opening bands as something to get through until I can hear who I went for. But 3fivehumans was great! They only did a couple of songs by themselves, and then Indigo Girls came on and they played together, which meant they had a full band accompanying them. They really went well together, and they were a lot of fun to watch!

The concert was in the Crystal Ballroom at the Mcmenamins on W. Burnside--just a couple of blocks from Powells. (Yes, Mimi, everything does revolve around Powells! ;-) The only thing we were disappointed about is that the only seats were two rows in the balcony--and the kids weren't allowed up there, since there's a bar there. And they were full anyway. So, we stood, which we complained about until the concert started and then we were happy to be able to stand and move a bit to the music--until it got so jammed that no one could move without seriously invading someone else's private space! We were thinking, 35 bucks a ticket for no seats? But we were told that 100% of the proceeds goes to Habitat for Humanity. Oh, and they were promoting something called Women Build, and they're building two houses! Hibi and I want to get involved.

And the thing didn't even start until 9.....We were out late last night! Good thing Paul's day off is today.


Arielle said...

I just decided you are the coolest presvytera ever.

Elizabeth said...

Ohhohoho!!! Big belly chortle! It's just too bad this comment didn't come BEFORE the presvyteres retreat--I could have worn it as a banner!

Mimi said...

Bwahahaahhahaa, I agree with Arielle and love the idea of you wearing that as a banner!

The concert sounds so cool, if crowded. And, enjoy the new CD!