Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hibee's new blog!

Hibee had a blog for awhile, but she couldn't ever think of what to write in it. So, she deleted that one, and maybe the act of deleting the old helped her think of what to theme a new blog about! She just started a new blog called hibee's blog where she chronicles her vegan cooking exploits. She even created the template herself! I'm impressed! It's a bit hard to read because of the bright and dark colors, but if you highlight the words you can read it. I think she'll work on making it more readable.


Mimi said...

The floral background is very pretty, and the recipe sounds lovely. I shall try it.

Laurie said...

i was wondering if you got a chance if you could describe the Greek Orthodox Lent fast for Matt and me. We're trying to plan a Lent fast, and being protestants (and thus a little short on traditions!)we don't have a set thing to go by, and so we would like to hear what others are doing.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Hi, I noticed on the veganlunchbox blog you were inquiring about spring roll wrappers. I live in SE Portland and have bought them from the Vietnamese market on se 37th and se belmont. Of course I've yet to use them for months now, but still : ) Let me know if you make anything!

Susan said...

I couldnt reply to your blog about fasting, but had a comment.
My new daughter in laws mother (very protastant) said she thought fasting was "cute" and it would be so "fun!" Christina and I just rolled our eyes:)