Thursday, November 10, 2005

Back home....but not for long!

We are back--got back at around 6 last night (after stopping for a few groceries and to pick up Paul at work). We did find a house--though I'm not 100% happy with it--but it's only for a year or so until we can get it together to buy. It is a cute place. I'll update some more later, but right now I'm totally overwhelmed with the amount of laundry, address-changing, and car repair (blinky light on in the dash) I have to get done!

We move out of this house two weeks from yesterday.


Mimi said...

Don't you hate those blinky lights on the dash?

Great you found a place and eeek - that move is coming up fast!

Elizabeth said...

Yes. Paul calls them "blank-check lights" when you take it to the mechanic it's like giving them a blank check. :-P Cuz only they can really say what's wrong with it.....

But it was only (!) $250 to fix, and it runs like a dream now.