Tuesday, August 2, 2005

kid comment

I'm working on another post, and I just heard a funny comment come from a friend of the kids who spent the night. They've been talking about aliens and UFOs, and the friend just said,

"Do you think that aliens believe in God?"


john said...

i have a godson who was a street person and a Dead Head, kind o' "spiritual", as they all are, but never once exposed to religion in his life. Due to circumstances, this kid ended up living with me for some months, and amid all of that, he became Orthodox (and eventually joined a monastery!) But a major moment of his conversion came when he realized that if Jesus was God, and if God was really, well, "God" (i.e., greater than the whole universe), then even the aliens would have to be baptized as well. Being a trained artist, he ended up expressing his insight by drawing an icon of the Baptism of the Aliens, modeled on that of the Baptism of Russia-- spaceship hovering, aliens descending into the water, etc. It was great.

Elizabeth said...

LOL! I'd love to see that icon!

Thanks for stopping by, John. I've been reading some of your blog, too, and enjoying greatly. Soon, I'm going to get Paul to show me how to put other bloggers' links in my sidebar, but for now, here's John's blog:

There was a story about Niger in today's paper....saw a picture of a very emaciated one year old boy. This, while Paul was reading to me your email about your work in Uganda. Keep up the good work!